GBA - German Business Association Rwanda

The GBA - German Business Association Rwanda is a trade association for companies, institutions, foundations or Rwandese enterprises and individuals with commercial or other connections to Germany.

The GBA has set itself the task of promoting the following objectives and improve:

• promoting and improving business
• promoting contacts between business people, companies and agencies in economy and trade between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Rwanda.
• to solve issues and problems of the members in Rwanda
• Information on notices of all relevant business and commercial trends and measures of the government, and the resulting consequences
• organization and invitation of meetings with ministers and politicians from the domestic and German politics
• mouthpiece of German interests before authorities, ministries and relevant Rwandese economic organizations
• advising new investors

The Membership in the GBA is open to any company, corporation, foundation, organization, institution or any person who is directly or indirectly involved in the business and other activities between Rwanda and Germany.
The members of the association meet regularly. Frequently keynote speakers as Ministers, Ambassadors, heads of agencies and other government institutions are invited to inform on current topics of concern and interest. Usually this takes place in an open discussion.

Our supportive partner:

• German Delegation of chamber of industry and commerce (AHK)in Kenya
• German Embassy in Rwanda